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【自主防疫外出SOP】The SOP of 3+4 Self-prevention Going out

Updated: Sep 17, 2022





●以下為示範對話,假設今天是 1/1,客人簡稱A,櫃台簡稱B

A: 老闆,我要在1/2申請外出

B: 好的,rapid test完成後請拍照給我。

●1/1 RAPID TEST 快篩陰性

B: 請問1/2幾點外出? 幾點回來? 午餐需不需要準備? 走樓梯下樓前請先通知我們你要出門了,請拔出房卡將房門關上,然後依照CDC規定分流方式【走樓梯.走樓梯.走樓梯】到一樓,並將房卡交回 (該房卡離開房間1小時會自動消磁無效)。

A: 好的,我09:30出去,同事會來接我,開個產品開模商務會議很快12:30以前我會回來吃午餐。

● 出門

A: 老闆,我同事快到了,我現在拔房卡.關門.走樓梯到大廳,要如何將房卡交回呢?

B: 好的,請將房卡放進"示範用的智慧消毒桶"內讓房卡自動消毒,員工會重置房卡,謝謝。

● 回來

A: 老闆,我們要回去了,大約20分鐘。

B: 收到,待會回來請按鈴,先取卡,走樓梯上樓直接進入房間,謝謝。

During self-epidemic prevention, it is necessary to go out SOP

The opening hours are between 09:00 and 15:00. You can only go out after returning your room card. Once a day, you can come back for dinner at 19:00 at the latest, and you should apply in advance the day before the Line (applications on the day will not be accepted).

Since the government has prohibited you from going to restaurants and other public places, please try your best to finish your meal in the room before going out and come back as soon as possible.


●The following is a demonstration dialogue, assuming that today is 1/1, the guest is referred to as A, and the counter is referred to as B

A: Boss, I want to apply for going out in 1/2

B: OK, please take a picture for me after the rapid test is completed.


B: What time do you go out on 1/2? What time do you come back? Do you need to prepare lunch? Before going downstairs, please inform us that you are going out, please pull out the room card, close the door, and then follow the CDC regulations. [Take the stairs. Take the stairs. Take the stairs] Go to the first floor and return the room card (the room card will be automatically demagnetized and invalid after leaving the room for 1 hour).

A: OK, I go out at 09:30, my colleagues will pick me up, hold a product mold business meeting soon, I will be back for lunch before 12:30.

● go out

A: Boss, my colleague is coming soon. I will pull out the room key. Close the door. Take the stairs to the lobby. How do I return the room key?

B: Yes, please put the room card into the "smart disinfection bucket for demonstration" to automatically disinfect the room card, and the staff will reset the room card, thank you.

● come back

A: Boss, we are going back, about 20 minutes.

B: Yes, please ring the bell when you come back, take the card first, go up the stairs and enter the room directly, thank you. ******************* 最近疫情爆發不止並已進入社區,全台黑數不計其數,出去再帶病毒回來的風險非常高,如有不測,肯定直接影響我們的住宿品質。為了旅館所有客人及員工們的安全考量,我們的防疫措施極為嚴謹,只要符合條件申請即可外出,但務必配合及遵守我們的防疫措施。

Recently, the outbreak of the epidemic has not stopped and has entered the community. There are countless black people in Taiwan. The risk of going out and bringing the virus back is very high. If there is an accident, it will definitely directly affect the quality of our accommodation. For the safety of all hotel guests and employees, our epidemic prevention measures are extremely strict. As long as you meet the conditions, you can go out, but you must cooperate and abide by our epidemic prevention measures.

2022.9.1 第四十一版

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