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【自主防疫外出SOP】The SOP of 3+4 Self-prevention Going out

Updated: Aug 2

自主防疫期間,有必要外出SOP (僅限入住本館1人1房者)

It is necessary to go out SOP during the period of self-prevention

開放時間09:00~15:00之間,交回房卡才可外出,一天一次,最慢17:00回來,並避開11:30~12:30之間,前一天事先申請(當天申請不受理)。 The opening hours are from 09:00 to 15:00. You can only go out after returning your room card, once a day, you can come back at the slowest 17:00, and avoid the time between 11:30 and 12:30. Apply in advance the day before (applications on the day will not be accepted).

●以下為示範對話,假設今天是 1/1,客人簡稱A,櫃台簡稱B ●The following is a demonstration dialogue, assuming that today is 1/1, the guest is referred to as A, and the counter is referred to as B

A: 老闆,我入住前有請公司來申請商務履約外出了,我要在1/3申請外出。

B: 好的,請將尚未使用之抗原快篩片放在門口桌,我們要做標記之後再拿給您,快篩完成後請拍照給我。

A: 已經放在門外了,麻煩來拿喔。

B: 好的,標記好立馬送上去並按鈴。 A: Boss, before I moved in, already asked the company to apply for a business contract to go out, now I want to apply for going out on 1/3.

B: Yes, please put the unused selftest kit on the table. We will mark it and bring it to you. Please take a picture for me after the quick sieve is completed.

A: It's already outside the door, please come and get it.

B: OK, mark it and send it up immediately and ring the bell.

●1/1 快篩陰性 ●Quick sieve negative

B: 請問1/3幾點外出? 幾點回來? 中餐需不需要準備? 屆時請您的專責同仁或跟衛生局申請防疫計程車來地下室接送。專車快到時請通知我們開地下室車道鐵捲門,拔出房卡將房門關上,然後依照CDC規定分流方式【走樓梯.走樓梯.走樓梯】到地下室,並將房卡交回才能上車離開,未交回該卡會失效喔。 B: What time do you go out on 1/3? What time do you come back? Do you need to prepare lunch? At that time, please ask your designated relatives and friends or apply for an anti-epidemic taxi from the Health Bureau to pick you up in the basement. Please inform us to open the iron rolling door of the basement driveway when the special car is approaching, pull out the room card to close the door, and then follow the CDC regulations to divert the way [take the stairs. take the stairs. take the stairs] to the basement, and return the room card to enter If the car leaves, the card will be invalid if it is not returned.

A: 好的,我09:10出去,我同事會來接我,開個產品開模商務會議很快11:30以前就可以回來吃午餐了。其他注意事項我都清楚了,一定會配合的,謝謝老闆。 A: Okay, I go out at 09:10, my colleague will come to pick me up, hold a business meeting on product mold opening, and be back for lunch soon before 11:30. I know all the other precautions, I will definitely cooperate, thank you boss.

● 出門 ● go out

A: 老闆,我同事快到了,請幫我開鐵捲門讓車子開下去,我現在拔房卡.關門.走樓梯到地下室,要如何將房卡交回呢?

B: 好的,走到地下室之後請將房卡放進"智慧消毒桶"內讓房卡自動消毒,車子離開了請通知我們關門,謝謝~

A: 老闆,可以關門了。 A: Boss, my colleague is coming soon, please help me to open the iron rolling door to let the car go down, I will pull out the room card & close the door, take the stairs to the basement, how do I return the room card?

B: OK, After walking to the basement, please put the room card into the "smart disinfection bucket" to automatically disinfect the room card, please notify us to close the door when the car leaves, thank you~

A: Boss, you can close the door.

● 回來 ● come back

A: 老闆,我們要回去了,大約再20分鐘到。

B: 收到,待會開到地下室,跟剛剛外出時一模一樣的方式走樓梯上樓並進入房間。你的房卡已消毒好並放在○○○

A: 老闆,我們快抵達了,請開鐵捲門囉,謝謝~ A: Boss, we are going back. We will be there in about 20 minutes.

B: Yes, after arriving in the basement, take the stairs upstairs and enter the room in the same way as when you just went out, your room card has been sterilized and put it in ○○○.

A: Boss, we are almost there, please open the iron rolling door, thank you~ ******************* 為了旅館所有客人及員工們的安全考量,我們的防疫措施極為嚴謹,最近疫情爆發不止並已進入社區,全台黑數不計其數,出去再帶病毒回來的風險非常高,如有不測,肯定直接影響我們的住宿品質。因此有的防疫旅館是完全禁止外出的,若無法接受,預訂時就會要求更換別家。而我們是採有條件限制的中庸之道,只要符合條件申請即可外出,但務必配合及遵守我們的防疫措施。


  • 不得回家 (執意要回家也不犯法所以1922說可以回家)

  • 商務履約吃飯必須在小型獨立空間或以隔板隔離用餐(不聽也不會犯法所以1922說可以去吃飯) (指揮中心近期已悄悄修正為必須在自己座位用餐,不能到外面餐廳吃,也有罰則了)

  • 廁所也只能給自主防疫者單獨使用,離開後場所人員必須靜置3小時後才做整體清消(不理會也不會犯法所以1922說可以上廁所)

  • 最嚴重的是司機問題,規範是申請防疫計程車或家人親友同事接送,但是搭一般小黃又不犯法,讓小黃司機人心惶惶,但為了五斗米折腰也不敢問客人身分拒載。


2022.8.1 第三十九版

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