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免費接駁服務 Free Shuttle Service


我們提供兩條接駁路線 1.安平線:府城峰情出發 - 安平7-11 - 府城峰情文旅 發車時間:早上9:00以及下午16:00 適合前往安平旅遊的旅客

2.市區路線:府城峰情出發 - 中正路和海安路口 - 林百貨 - 台南火車站 -赤崁樓 -府城峰情文旅 發車時間:早上9:30以及下午16:30





The Julie’s Garden Tainan provide free shuttle service. There are two routes. 1.Anping route: The Julie’s Garden Tainan – Anping 7-11 - The Julie’s Garden Tainan

Time table : 9:00&16:00

2.Tainan city route: The Julie’s Garden Tainan – Zhongzheng Road and Hai'an intersection – hayashi (Lin department store) – Tainan train station – Chikan Tower – The Julie’s Garden Tainan

Time table : 9:30&16:30

If you would like to take it, please tell us before three days. You can leave a message on the facebook or call us.

Please give us your Taiwan mobile number or any contact your method, for example Line、wechat etc.

The Julie’s Garden Tainan telephone number: +886 6 2527789

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