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The following are the [epidemic prevention regulations] after check-in. Please read it carefully and pay attention to the delivery time, so as not to be corrected

Complete the check-in procedure first:
Please take a photo and Line provide the following information
1. Proof of identity (passport is better, be careful not to reflect light, and be in the mirror at all times)
2. Home quarantine declaration certificate and quarantine notice (You can also provide the website in the SMS sent by the customs)
3. Health Claim Survey (on the table)
4. Accommodation Instructions (on the desk) -- this page indicates the room WiFi password

*Outside tables are for delivery of meals or items
*Garbage is collected, tied, sealed, and placed outside the door in an induction-type trash can (O3 sterilization and deodorization)
*Only recycle 【Bao Te bottle】and 【Iron aluminum can】, please put it directly on the ground at the door
*The first thing to do when you open the door after checking in is to wear a mask <<== IMPORTANT!!!


After check-in, the mobile phone sim card has a location, and the local officer (or foreign affairs police) will contact you with your mobile phone to care (may be postponed during holidays), be sure to answer, do not turn off the mobile phone, mute or vibrate, if there is no response for half an hour or the location disappears, The police will soon come to find someone and want to issue a fine...

【Please bring your own thermometer】【Please bring your own thermometer】【Please bring your own thermometer】
Please record it by yourself every day, report the temperature of [early] and [evening] once in the evening, or report it in one breath every 3 to 5 days, and directly edit the numbers in Line's notepad day by day.

The light yellow non-woven anti-epidemic bag in the room is provided by the Tainan City Government. There are only instructions for applying for compensation and masks and face shields. (Only for inbound passengers of their own nationality or with permanent residence permit)


If family members bring meals, only use disposable (paper or plastic) tableware

Breakfast is available around 8:30
Chinese food around 12:30
Dinner around 18:30
(The error will be 30 minutes but it will be as early as possible)
The bell will be rang during meals (if you do not need to ring the bell, please inform the counter after check-in)

In order to strengthen everyone's immunity, we occasionally have beef dishes, please let us know if there are food taboos.

Our meal changes, with nearly 40 small stores, mostly local snacks in Anping, all kinds of dishes, noodles, rice, drinks, snacks, fruits... Will be mixed in three meals, and also for group meals with a maximum of 40 people, personal Eating preferences and habits cannot be comprehensive, and it is not necessary to come here for vacation in extraordinary times.

Please be patient, and please be considerate to each other. If you don't let the boss treat you, there will be no refund. If you want to order delivery, please notify 1~2 meals in advance, and do not deliver it during meal time~ (this time is the access control time)

If you don't eat fruit or drinks, please tell us that you don't have to supply it, and please don't take anything and notify us to get it back.

After check-in, there is an accommodation notice on the desk (you can tick or supplement dietary restrictions), please do not neglect.

There is a box of bamboo charcoal pure water in the room. If you are not used to drinking it or want to shop, please search (Quanlian. Carrefour. Delivery platform (Panda.Uber eats..) swipe the card to purchase, prepare supplements by yourself or ask family members to send them to the counter, and we will help deliver them to the door. After drinking water, we can continue to supply it for free, and we can also provide filtered water from a large bottled water dispenser.


The counter service time is [08:30~20:30] every day, which can handle services such as delivery or family visits.

Use the online card provided by the delivery platform and write it in the remarks
    1. Turn left after entering the door, put it in the cabinet with the room number written on the left, and the staff will help to take it upstairs.
    2. If the contents are too large or too heavy (more than 3 kg), please put them on the table behind the cabinet and write the room number [there is a signature pen on the table]
    3. Buy bags ---> You have to call the store to remind you ★Drinks must be bought ★

**Example 1. Room xxx, No. 38, Jiankang 4th Street, Anping District, Tainan City (the home delivery package is also compared)
**Example 2. Buy a bag, enter the gate, turn left, put it in the xxx grid, the staff will send it upstairs, thank you!

When ordering drinks, the delivery staff didn't have a bag to carry, and even if they brought in a cup, they would often watch their things fall to the ground. With a bag, it was convenient for us to carry it upstairs.

When the staff (such as *busy*) cannot help you go upstairs immediately, please wait for a while. It is also conveyed to family members or delivery without special remarks such as "please deliver it quickly at the counter", but it is also possible that we are busy and negligent and forget it. voice).

No cash advance at the counter, no change

The Internet does not sell alcohol, please call 06-2987226 [Kylin Firm]
No. 167, Health 3rd Street, Anping District, Tainan City


recent outbreak
Delivery is prohibited during the following meal times
Strictly prevent everyone's meals from being cross-infected

before 08:30


1. When you open the door and take out the rubbish, wear a mask to protect yourself first, and please turn (the anti-theft security door lock) to the outside of the door to block the door, so as to avoid accidentally being locked out of the door.

2. You should also pay attention to the balcony door lock before going to the balcony. In some cases, you were locked on the balcony to feed mosquitoes in the middle of the night, and did not notify the counter until you saw passers-by calling for help the next morning.

3. The door does not need to be locked, and people in the room (door knock lock, door chain) do not need to be locked. In case of an emergency, we have to remove the lock to rescue, which will delay a lot of rescue time.

4. Our access control is strict and safe, please rest assured.

5. During the isolation and quarantine period, if special events such as earthquakes and fires endanger life and safety, you can wear a mask and escape from the door. If the electronic fence is triggered, it will not be fined 100,000 to 1 million yuan under the "Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law".


remind again

*Garbage (collected) (tied) (tied) and put into the outside induction trash can, don't throw it out individually*

Don't pack too much garbage or the trash can won't fit in it

There is a white translucent plastic bag under the sink, which is a garbage bag, please use it as much as possible, and then ask for it after you use it up.

There are only iron and aluminum cans of Baote bottles, and they are placed on the ground outside. We will deal with them specially. Please do not tie them together with other garbage. (Some elderly grandpa and grandma would go to the garbage collection site in the middle of the night to dig through the garbage, and only look for these two items to recycle and sell for money.)

(((bento box. soup cup. paper cup))) and other packaging materials (((do not need to be washed))) with oil & smell soup..., all as garbage, put them in the garbage bags we provide Pack (tie) it up and put it in the trash can.

*Please fold the straw and bamboo chopsticks in half and put them in the cup box to avoid puncturing the garbage bag*

The cup box can be slightly flattened after eating. Unfinished food is sealed in the packaging material to prevent the soup from flowing out, please wrap it in two layers and put it in the garbage bag.

Try not to put liquid garbage (non-solid objects) directly into plastic garbage bags. You can directly pour it into the toilet to flush it out, then add some shampoo and body wash to brush the oil stains on the toilet, so as not to block the toilet, then you will have to flush the toilet yourself.

Only the rolls and removable toilet paper we supply are soluble in water, and other types of paper must not be thrown into the toilet.

Thanks for your cooperation


The CDC stipulates that during the quarantine period, all items can only be brought in (including cash, gifts, food, parcels...), and should be disposed of as garbage when they come out. It also stipulates that bedding, quilts, pillows, towels, etc. cannot be replaced. , Quarantines must stand for 12 hours after checking out before they can be disinfected.

Based on human nature, we have prepared several large and small towels for use. There is a small towel rail in front of the sink, a large towel hook in the bathroom, and a clothes rack and clothes rail in the room for drying, please use more.

If you accidentally knock over drinks and soup in the room, don't be nervous. In addition to wiping with the new rags provided, you can also inform us to send out towels and rags that have been eliminated, as well as cleaning utensils such as brooms and mops. Please do not take them. The size of the towel foot pad is used as a rag, thank you for your cooperation.


Please pay attention~
The stainless steel trash can outside the door is not used to throw away unwrapped small garbage. If it is found, it will be corrected by us immediately.


Our heat pump hot water heater is on the 7th floor, with three huge 50 gallon storage water heaters and a hot water return system, but the hot water in the ultra-long line (especially in winter) will still be very fast. If it is not cold, you will wait for a long time if it is not during the hot period of bathing (especially the No. 9 and No. 1 rooms on each floor are the end of the hot water pipeline, such as rooms 209 and 201), please turn on the hot water to the maximum, first To do other things, run warm water for 3~5 minutes first, and then 60 degrees Celsius hot water will come in 2~3 minutes.

Hotels below 5 stars are mostly built with 9mm light compartments. This hotel belongs to 3 stars. Please lower the volume after you check in, especially after 10 pm, please pay attention to avoid affecting the work and rest of neighbors.

Balcony lights, please turn off after 10 pm and do not turn on during the day.

If you have windows open during the day, remember to close them quickly in the evening. There are a lot of mosquitoes in the opposite park at night.

If the air conditioner has not been turned on for a long time, it is recommended to turn on the dehumidification frequently, in addition to suppressing mold, the air will also be better.

If you smoke on the balcony, please take the paper cup and discard the cigarette butt. It is forbidden to play it downstairs, and the cigarette butt should not accumulate too much. If you still need a paper cup, please ask for it at the counter.

The museum does not allow smoking or lighting incense in the room. For those who violate the regulations, the museum will notify the superior unit to arrange for transfer to the centralized quarantine center.


※※Very important※※

We understand that relatives and friends who have not seen each other for a long time always want to say a few words

※※Please be sure to convey the following message to relatives and friends who want to send love items※※

At present, the health bureau has classified this epidemic prevention hotel as "confidential" + "undisclosed"
Therefore, when relatives and friends visit, please convey that you must keep a low profile
Don't talk loudly upstairs and downstairs on the side of the road
Please cooperate with the above, thank you!


Check out SOP:

Inform the counter the day before to open the invoice first (if you need to open a triple format, please provide the Taiwan company's letterhead and general compilation. Those who have not notified will be opened in a double format, and the payment with the mainland and other foreign companies will also be opened in double format + company letterhead) .

The quarantine can be lifted at 00:10 on the check-out day on the booking voucher. If you want to leave at midnight, please arrange for your relatives and friends to pick you up. Our working hours are only until 9:00 pm and Xiao Huang can’t be called at midnight.

When checking out in the middle of the night, put the accommodation instructions and health statement on the indoor table, put on a mask first, turn off the water, turn off the lights, and air-conditioning, (pull out the room card), bring luggage, (((Please close the door, please close the door, please close the door ))), after closing the door, move all the items to the elevator entrance, directly into the elevator at one time (there is an extension switch at the waist), go down to the first floor (go out from the glass door directly in front of the counter), put the (room card in the rattan basket), take away the invoice on the rattan basket (in the envelope)~

Please note that you can't go upstairs without a card, and also go out the door once, because you can't come in without a card~

After breakfast, the check-out time is 09:00~10:00. The check-out SOP is as described above. You can call Xiao Huang (general taxi). If your relatives and friends come to pick you up, please arrive between 9 and 10 o’clock on time.

Please let us know whenever you want to leave, what time you plan to leave.

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